Does Float Me work with Chime in 2023? How to add Chime card?

Are you wondering if your Chime bank account works with FloatMe?

Are you finding ways to add Chime card as payment method in FloatMe?

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Below, we have mentioned all the required details and a guide to add a Chime card to FloatMe.

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Does Float Me work with Chime

Yes, Float Me works with Chime. Flot Me uses Plaid to link with the user’s bank account securely. And that’s why with Plaid, FlotMe supports over 10,000 banks institutions.

FlotMe is a USA-based start-up that introduced a new app in the market of ‘buy now, pay later’ platform. The app was released in the USA market by the end of 2018 and became popular in no time.

According to the official statement, FlotMe has helped its user saving over $50M in overdraft fees. And how is it done? Well, FloatMe allows users to get instant cash advances up to $50 between paydays. And all of that without asking for interest if the amount is paid within the time period.

Does Float Me work with Chime

FlotMe has partnered with over 10,000 banks institutions, and supports almost all popular banks. The number of eligible banks are the ones that work with Plaid. It is because FlotMe uses Plaid with 256-bit bank-level security to keep the account safe from any fraud.

Well, now that you know that Chime works with FloatMe, you can easily add your Chime bank account or debit card as a payments method in FloatMe.

If you need any assistance in adding Chime to FloatMe, you can check out our dedicated guide on adding Chime card to FloatMe.

How to add Chime to FloatMe

To add Chime or any bank to FloatMe, you need to go to the app Settings first. There you will find the Linked Account section as well as the option to add bank account details and a debit card of the eligible bank.

Below we have included a step-by-step guide on how to add Chime card to FloatMe. Start with the implementation of Step 1.

Step 1 – Open FloatMe app

First of all, you need to open the FloatMe app on your mobile device. You can use any of your mobile devices. The steps will be the same for iOS and Android devices.

You can even continue on the FloatMe website if it is convenient for you. However, the steps mentioned are for mobile devices only. But, you can still continue with the steps mentioned below; you will find similarities in the procedure.

Step 2 – Sign Up or Log In to FloatMe

If you already have an account on FloatMe, you can simply log in to your account using the correct credential.

If you are using the app for the first time, you will be asked to create an account first. Select Sign Up option to start creating the account.

You will be asked for your name, phone number, and email address. Make sure you are using the same name which has been mentioned on your state-issued ID.

Your phone number is important as well. You will be sent verification codes on your mobile number. That’s why, make sure to enter correct details.

After entering personal details, you will need to enter your address as well. Enter your current address along with the Zip code.

How to add Chime to FloatMe

Select Continue when done.

Step 3 – Select Chime Bank

During the procedure of signing up, you will get the option to link your bank account.

First of all, FloatMe will showcase that how it used Plaid and its systems are secured. You can skip that part by selecting the Continue button at the bottom of the screen.

And right after that, you will be shown a list of eligible banks. You need to select Chime from the list.

How to add Chime to FloatMe

If you cannot see the Chime logo on the list mentioned there, you can simply search Chime using the search bar.

Select it to continue.

Step 4 – Enter Chime Card Details

Right after selecting the bank. You will be given the option to enter debit card details.

Keep your Chime card handy and enter all the details.

You will be asked the card number, CVV, expiry date, and other details. Make sure you are entering the correct details.

After reviewing the entered details, select Continue button.

How to add Chime to FloatMe

Step 5 – Verifcation of Income

Next, FloatMe will verify your income. This is done to confirm that you are eligible to ask for advance money from FloatMe.

To continue the verification procedure, you just need to select your most recent paycheck and your current employer.

FloatMe also has an option to verify the income manually. You can ask FloatMe support for manual verification if you are unable to see your most recent paycheck on the app during signing up.

How to add Chime to FloatMe

Step 6 – Verify Pay Type & Pay Frequency

Fianlly, FloatMe asks you about your Pay Type and Pay Frequency. This is part of the income verification.

If you any confusion related to the procedure, here we will help you.

How to add Chime to FloatMe

For Pay Type section, select Salary if your workplace issue a paycheck based on a yearly amount. In case you are paid on the basis of the total hours you work each week, select Hourly.

For Pay Frequency section, select 1) Weekly – if you are paid once a week. 2) Bi-weekly – if you are paid every other or every two weeks. 3) Semi-monthly – if you are paid twice each month. 4) Monthly – if you are paid once each month

Step 7 – Wait for Confirmation

And that’s it.

That was all that you were supposed to do.

Now, you will need to wait to receive a confirmation from the FlotMe team. If you have entered the correct details and are eligible, you will receive confirmation through app, text, or email.


1. Does FloatMe accept Chime?

Yes, FloatMe accept Chime along with other popular banks. FloatMe works with Plaid to link account with banks. And currently support more than 10,000 banks institutions.

Final Words

That’s all for now.

In this post, you first got to learn if FloatMe works with Chime. We have mentioned all the required details as well. Make sure to check them out.

And in the second part of this post, we provided a guide for adding Chime to FloatMe.

We have made sure to include easy-to-understand steps, but in case you need any help, you can let us know in the comments section below.

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