Does Best Buy accept Klarna or Afterpay

Ever wondered if Best Buy accepts popular BNPL options like Klarna and Afterpay?

Want to know if Best Buy accepts other BNPL options as well?

Well, I have some good news. You can find out whether Best Buy accepts Klarna or Afterpay by reading this article. And in case they are not, you need not worry. I’ve included some helpful workarounds so you can easily get around the problem.

Does Best Buy accept Klarna or Afterpay?

Short Answer: Best Buy does indeed accept Klarna, but there’s a catch – you can’t use it for financing. Unfortunately, Best Buy does not currently offer Afterpay as a payment option, but there’s a workaround for those keen on this buy now, pay later method.

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Although Klarna isn’t officially in cahoots with Best Buy, you can still make it work. Klarna’s ability to issue one-time virtual cards is a godsend for those emergency BNPL orders. Best Buy is only one of the many U.S. online retailers that are compatible with this virtual card.

And what’s more, you can put that Klarna virtual card into your digital wallet, like Google Pay or Apple Pay, making contactless payments a breeze. But while Klarna opens doors at Best Buy, you can’t access their financing plans that stretch your payments over 6, 12, or 18 months.

Fret not, however. If you’re reliable with your payments, Best Buy’s own 12- to 18-month financing plans with no interest are an excellent alternative. Keep in mind that interest will be added to your remaining debt on a monthly basis if you are late with even one payment.

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Now, what about Afterpay? Some savvy Reddit users have noted that Best Buy occasionally shows up in the Afterpay app, but there’s a catch. To access this feature, you typically need to reach a specific spending threshold by making several orders and promptly settling them.

Simply said, you’ll need to be a Mint user to have access to this feature. However, if you have an Afterpay Plus card, you can skip the Mint requirement altogether. Just add the card to your digital wallet, whether it’s Google Pay or Apple Pay, and you can use it for payments wherever these digital wallets are accepted.

Does Best Buy accept any buy now pay later apps?

Yes, Best Buy does accept buy now pay later apps like Zip, Affirm, PayPal Pay in 4, and Sezzle. It also works with Apple’s Pay Later feature for making purchases.

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These apps take your payments and divide them into four affordable portions. You can use these convenient payment options on Best Buy’s website or while exploring products in-store. Now, let’s dive into the details.

Affirm’s got two tricks up its sleeve. First, they’ll issue a temporary virtual card with a predetermined Best Buy credit limit. But if you’re more of a Visa type, they’ve got you covered with their Affirm Debit+ card, which can be used everywhere Visa is accepted (online and in stores).

Zip, on the other hand, keeps it simple. After you confirm your payment, they’ll make a virtual card that you can stash right in your Apple Pay wallet. Making purchases with your digital wallet is easy and requires no extra steps.

And if you’re rolling with Sezzle, just search for Best Buy in the app, grab your tech products, and choose “Pay with Sezzle” at checkout. Stay on top of those payments through the Sezzle app, and you’ll dodge any late fees.

With PayPal’s Pay in 4 service and Best Buy, things get a little trickier. In most cases, your Best Buy haul should qualify for PayPal’s Pay in 4. But here’s the catch: finding this option on the Best Buy website can be a bit challenging.

The Pay in 4 typically works for orders between $30 and $600, a price range that fits many Best Buy products perfectly. But if you can’t spot the option during checkout on the Best Buy website, don’t fret.

When you are redirected to PayPal to complete your purchase, keep an eye out for the ‘Pay in 4’ option. You’re in luck if you find it there. If not, it might be that Best Buy doesn’t support Pay in 4 for that particular order. Also, remember that you can access the Pay in 4 service only after you’ve signed up for the program.


Final Words

The questions you may have had about Klarna, Afterpay, and other BNPL payment options at Best Buy have been answered.

You have the option to choose whether you want to use Klarna or one of the other buy now, pay later apps, or if you want to explore the financing options offered by Best Buy. And if you’re an Afterpay enthusiast, you now know what it takes to make it work.