Does Asda accept Clearpay in 2023

In grocery stores, electronics stores or any other store you can think of, Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) is a part of them. Everyone is accepting BNPL, making it easier for customers to buy their products. It is inevitable.

Clearpay also helps you by implementing the BNPL model. It is the counterpart of Afterpay in the European Union. So if you are wondering if Asda accepts Clearpay or what BNPL services are accepted by it, you are in the right place. You will also know what are the accepted payment methods for Asda. Scroll down to read about it.

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Does Asda accept Clearpay?

Short Answer: No, Asda does not accept Clearpay. 

Asda has a long list of payment methods and Clearpay is definitely not on that list. You need to search for any other alternative to pay Asda.

Does Asda accept BNPL (Buy Now Pay Later apps)?

Short Answer: Asda only accepts PayPal’s BNPL service which is PayPal – Pay in 3.

Out of all the BNPL services available right now, the only one that is accepted by Asda is PayPal. And its Pay in 3 option lets you pay the amount you agreed to in 3 payments. One will have to be paid for the moment you buy it. And other payments will be deducted on the same date in the consequent months

So, PayPal is the only BNPL option if you are trying to shop with Asda. No other BNPL will work as they are not accepted.

Note – If you are having issues with PayPal Pay in 3, check out our previous article.

What payment does Asda take?

Short Answer: Asda allows a lot of payment methods like cash, credit or debit cards, savings, and gift cards (from Asda). Also, it accepts digital wallets like Apple, Google, and Samsung Pay. Coupons, vouchers, pre-paid cards, and checks are accepted too. 

The credit cards it accepts are Mastercard, Visa Electron, Delta, American Express, Solo, and Maestro too. And it only accepts up to $100 for contactless debit card transactions.

Digital wallets do not have a limit on the amount that can be sent. So, even if you have forgotten your card or cash, you can just use your phone and pay the amount.

If you are a frequent customer of Asda, you might be in possession of all kinds of gift cards, savings cards, vouchers, and coupons. These might help you get the items at a discounted rate or sometimes cover your whole purchase. So, do not throw away those kinds of cards.

Some pre-paid cards are allowed too. Not all of the cards are accepted. So, you should ask the person at the point of sale. And it is better to have an alternative payment method, in case it is not accepted.

Checks including Sterling, Euro, and Travellers are accepted. But Travellers check might not work at all stores.

Final Words

Grocery stores like Asda have a lot of payment methods to increase the payment options for the people who visit. So, next time you visit an Asda store remember the number of options you have to pay them.