Why is Panda Express Gift Card not Working

Having trouble with your Panda Express gift card?

Looking for instructions on how to activate a Panda Express gift card?

If that’s the case then we’ve got you covered. If you want to find out the answers, you’ll have to read on to the very end.

One popular American fast-food brand, Panda Express serves authentic Chinese food with an American twist. Similar to other fast-food franchises, Panda Express has its own gift card option.

However, these cards are exclusively redeemable at Panda Express restaurants and cannot be used for any other purchases.

Why is my Panda Express gift card not working?

Short Answer: Your Panda Express gift card is not working because you have incorrectly entered the card details, the card is not activated yet, your internet connection is bad, the gift card has already been redeemed, or there are insufficient funds in the gift card.

Panda Express
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1. Card is not active

To use a Panda Express eGift card, there is no need to activate it. The actual gift cards, however, will need activation before they can be used. Hence, the Panda Express gift will not function if the recipient has already bought a physical gift card but has not yet activated it.

2. Card is already redeemed

Panda Express gift cards are non-refundable after they have been fully used. Gift cards for Panda Express never expire but once exhausted, cannot be used again. This indicates that any more efforts to utilize it will be unsuccessful.

3. Information entered was incorrect.

The invalid card details you supplied during redemption may be the reason for your Panda Express gift card’s ineffectiveness. Forgetting a digit or inserting a space into the card’s number might be to blame for the gift card’s failure.

4. Trouble with the Internet

If your internet connection is unreliable or poor, you will not be able to redeem your gift card online. If your mobile data connection is weak, your smartphone won’t be able to communicate with the server to validate your gift card.

5. Low funds

Inadequate funds on the card might prevent the transaction from going through which is also one of the reasons why your gift card won’t work. Your Gift Card cannot be used to pay a bill in full if the total amount due is more than the available balance on the card.

Nevertheless, this problem may be remedied by exchanging the gift card for cash or reloading it at a retail location. Only in eleven US states and Puerto Rico can Panda Express gift cards be exchanged for cash.

How to activate Panda Express gift card

As we’ve already established, activation is necessary solely for physical Panda Express gift cards.

If you have a Panda Express gift card, you may use it at any of their locations or shop online. Activating a tangible gift card requires the card’s Gift Card UPC (the lengthy number on the back of the gift card), the card’s barcode number, and some personal information. After this is completed, you will be notified by email.

Where is the card number on a Panda Express gift card?

The Panda Express gift card number may be found on the backside of the card. The number is written in black ink and has 16 digits. You may also look it up on your electronic gift card, which will have the same number.


1. How to check the balance of a Panda Express Gift Card?

To find out how much money is left on your Panda Express gift card, you may either go online or call the number printed on the back of your card. To check your gift card balance, go to the website and click the link labeled “Gift Card Balance” in the bottom menu. The remaining amount on your gift card may be shown after entering the card’s serial number and PIN (if applicable).

If you decide to phone customer support, keep your card number and PIN handy to share with the agent. If you contact customer support, they should be able to tell you how much money is currently in your account.

Final Words

This is all about the Panda Express gift card not working issue. You may purchase a Panda Express gift card in-store or online and use it to dine with a loved one or close friend, who will also enjoy the restaurant’s tasty fare.