Why has my HotSchedules Account been Suspended

Struggling with a suspended HotSchedules account?

Not sure where to look for the answers?

Well, you’re not alone. The suspension of an account on HotSchedules, a popular tool for staff scheduling and communication, could lead to inconvenience and confusion.

The situation is not hopeless, however; there are ways to deal with the issue. We’re here to guide you through effective methods to regain access to your HotSchedules account so, let’s get started.

Why has my HotSchedules account been suspended?

Short Answer: Your HotSchedules account has been suspended either because of an inactive account or because you have logged into the wrong account.

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1. Dormant Account

HotSchedules, like many other online services, has the option to suspend your account if it hasn’t been used in a while due to inactivity. Your HotSchedules account might be suspended if you don’t log in for a very long time. This is a safety precaution to prevent anybody else from accessing your account.

An inactive account is an easy target for hackers and other security risks. Furthermore, your company or HotSchedules may have a policy in place that terminates or suspends accounts following a specific period of time of inactivity.

This is done so that only currently employed workers may see schedules and other relevant data. If your account falls into this category, you may need to ask your company’s manager to reactivate it.

2. Incorrect Login Information

You may see the message ‘Your account has been SUSPENDED’ if you try to sign in with login information from a different company than the one you really work for. HotSchedules accounts are often owned by the company or organization that employs its users.

Each company has its own system of employee accounts. If you’re presently employed somewhere else that also utilizes HotSchedules, your existing employer must have given you your own set of login credentials.

The process is set up to guarantee that only authorized workers are able to see their individual schedules and information, therefore using credentials from former jobs may result in errors or account suspension.

Fix: My HotSchedules account has been suspended

Method 1: Get in touch with your manager

Getting in touch with your manager is the first step if you want your HotSchedules account back after it has been temporarily disabled. Supervisors may restore access to inactive employee accounts. Here’s how it usually goes down:

  • Step 1: Getting Managers Into HotSchedules

Your supervisor will need to access the HotSchedules platform via the backend administrative dashboard.

  • Step 2: Go to the Staff Page

The manager has to head back to the Navigation page and select the “Staff” tab.

  • Step 3: Navigate to the Staff List

This is when you provide your name as it is necessary for them to locate your account.

  • Step 4: Modify the Employment Status

In order to access your account, your manager will look you up in the staff list. They will then have the option of changing your job status from suspended to active.

  • Step 5: Provide Suspension Reason and Dates

The manager will see a window where they will have to specify the duration of your account’s active term (the beginning and the end dates) as well as the cause for the suspension. Ensure the manager fills out this form correctly.

  • Step 6: Send in the form

After the form has been completely filled out, the manager will send it in. Your account will be restored to its active state immediately. However, if an expiration date is specified, your account may revert to inactive status once that date has passed.

Even if your account becomes inactive again after the specified date, your manager may simply repeat the reactivation procedure.

Method 2: Contact HotSchedules Support Staff

Contact HotSchedules’ customer service if you and your manager are unable to address the problem, or if your manager is having trouble reactivating your account.

HotSchedules has a customer service hotline at (866) 753-3853. You may call at any time, day or night, and get answers to your questions about your account.

If you are unable to get through to someone on the main support line, please try contacting 877-720-8578. Although this number should mainly be used for emergency situations such as system failures, it may be used if you require assistance with a suspended account.


1. Can I reactivate my HotSchedules account on my own?

No, reactivation needs access at the management or administrative level. Your account has to be switched from Suspended to Active, which can only be done by your manager.

2. Will my account become inactive again after reactivation?

Your account may become dormant again after the reactivation time ends if your manager specifies an expiration date for the active period. But if necessary, your manager may carry out the reactivation procedure once again.

Final Words

Dealing with a suspended HotSchedules account can be frustrating, but now you know why it happens and how to solve it.

Now that you know what to do, you can either speak to your manager or contact HotSchedules support to get your account restored. With a bit of effort, you’ll have your account back in no time, and be back on track with your work.