(2023) Why GrubHub won’t let me Order

Have you been unable to place an order on GrubHub recently?

Curious as to why GrubHub is refusing your order?

You have found the proper place to seek help if you are one of the many who are experiencing these problems. Be sure to stay for the explanations.

For those who don’t feel like going out to satisfy their hunger, GrubHub is a convenient online platform that delivers meals from many different eateries. Although most of the time consumers may successfully make an order using the website or app, there are occasions when this is not the case.

To help you figure out why GrubHub is rejecting your order, we’ll go through some of the most prevalent causes below.

Why GrubHub won’t let me order?

Short Answer: GrubHub will not let you order if you have a poor internet connection, payment concerns, the restaurant is shut or not accepting orders at the moment, technical concerns from GrubHub’s end, your cache is full or you have not updated the GrubHub app since a long time. The distance between where you are and the eatery may also be a factor.

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1. Unreliable internet connection

Your inability to place an order from GrubHub is directly related to the quality of your internet connection. Unstable mobile data or Wi-Fi connection will prevent your smartphone from placing an order with the kitchen.

Toggle airplane mode on and off, explore another Wi-Fi network, or try accessing the internet from your mobile device.

2. Inconsistencies in your payment system

For various reasons, GrubHub may be unable to accept your payment (such as a problem with your credit card, debit card, or another payment method. This might be because of issues with your payment, such as lack of funds in your account or erroneous billing information.

For this reason, GrubHub will not process your order should there be problems with your payment method. In such a case, please double-check your payment details and place another purchase.

3. The restaurant is shut or not taking orders

There have been occasions when the restaurant has closed for the day, but this has not been shown in the app or on the website owing to the server or app-related difficulties. If you are unable to place an order with GrubHub, this may be the cause.

There may be a high volume of orders at a certain time, and the eatery may not have been able to process yours, which would explain why GrubHub is blocking your orders from that location. There is little you can do but wait for a bit or try a different eatery if this happens to you.

4. Technical difficulties on GrubHub’s part

In the event that you are unable to place an order via the Grubhub website or app, technical issues may be to blame. This might be the result of high demand, a malfunctioning server, an outdated app, or another technical issue.

Verify your internet connection, and look for updates, too. In the event that the server is down, however, your access will be temporarily suspended. You will have to wait for the server to be back up. 

5. Corrupt cache

If you don’t clean the cache for the GrubHub app often, it might become corrupted or malfunction and cause login issues. If you’re having trouble logging into GrubHub, clearing the app’s cache should fix the issue. Cache clearing on a regular basis will aid in solving this issue.

To delete all data from the GrubHub app’s Cache, do as follows:

  • Step 1: Navigate to the Settings tab.
  • Step 2: Go to Applications.
  • Step 3: Click the See all apps button.
  • Step 4: Select the GrubHub app from the list of available applications.
  • Step 5: Choose the Storage and cache tab.
  • Step 6: Click the Clear cache button.

6. Lack of GrubHub driver availability

It’s possible that Grubhub won’t let you make a delivery order if there aren’t any drivers in your region. This occurs seldom but does occur sometimes. In this case, your only options are to either wait and try again later or switch to another app.

7. Problems with location

It’s possible that Grubhub isn’t accessible in your country or region, or at least in the neighborhood where you’d want to place an order. It’s conceivable that you are located outside of Grubhub’s service region since the company’s services aren’t always accessible everywhere. In case Grubhub is unavailable in your location, you may choose to explore other meal delivery applications.


1. Why is Grubhub not working?

If you reside in a Grubhub delivery area, but still can’t place an order, the problem is probably with your internet connection. The Grubhub app will not function correctly if your Wifi is sluggish or inconsistent. Users may not know there’s an issue with your connection until they actually attempt to utilize the service.

Final Words

To conclude, GrubHub is a useful service for placing food orders, although it may be annoying when problems arise. In this post, we’ve covered some of the most frequent issues that prevent users from placing orders on GrubHub, along with some suggestions for fixing them.