Why is Subway not Accepting Coupons

Curious about why Subway isn’t honoring coupons anymore?

Many Subway customers have been left disappointed as their beloved discounts and special deals seem to have disappeared. Coupons have long been a staple of the Subway experience, but it’s time to explore the reasons behind this change.

In this article, we will learn about the factors contributing to Subway’s decision not to accept coupons. By the end of our discussion, you’ll have a clear idea of why Subway has taken this step and how it impacts both franchisees and loyal customers.

Why is Subway not accepting coupons?

Short Answer: Subway is not accepting coupons either because of the lack of corporate compensation, or because of increased food costs.


1. Lack of corporate compensation

Franchisees are allegedly required to pay significant royalties to Subway’s corporate headquarters, according to a number of Reddit users. Franchisees’ resources may already be stretched thin by these fees and the expenditures of mandatory shop remodels, so it may be difficult for them to provide discounts via coupons without further reducing their profitability.

They are not sufficiently compensated by corporate Subway for revenue losses incurred during shop renovations or other major expenditures and franchisees become reluctant to take coupons as a result of this lack of compensation.

Reddit thread on why Subway is not accepting coupons

2. Increased food costs

A manager at a Subway restaurant claims that the spread of Avian Flu has contributed to this by driving up the price of and demand for fresh poultry. Outbreaks of avian flu had an impact on the poultry business by lowering the availability of chicken and turkey.

Prices tend to increase as supply drops. Fast food businesses like Subway, that use these proteins in their meals, may see a rise in their ingredient costs as a result of this.

The rising cost of ingredients owing to things like the Avian flu, together with other economic pressures, may lead to higher prices in general. Some franchisees may decide not to participate in coupon programs in an effort to protect their profit margins.

Fast food is becoming costlier than home cooking for certain consumers, particularly as inflation pushes up grocery costs. When dining at a restaurant, you’re paying for more than simply the meal itself.

So, being able to save money through items like coupons is important to many people. However, because of the problem we’re describing, these discounts could no longer apply. This means consumers aren’t getting the best deal possible at Subway, and dining out is more expensive at a time when many people are feeling the pinch of rising costs across all sectors.

Final Words

To sum it up, the issues with Subway not accepting coupons show that there are many problems in the fast-food world. It’s expensive for Subway restaurant franchisees to pay fees to Subway’s corporate headquarters and to sometimes renovate their locations. As a result, their profit is cut, making it difficult to honor coupons and discounts.

The problem is made worse by things like the Avian flu, which makes ingredients more expensive. This makes store owners even more hesitant to accept coupons.

Customers looking to save money, business owners struggling to make ends meet, and the whole fast food sector in these uncertain economic times are all impacted by Subway’s decision to no longer accept coupons at certain locations.