Why are my StubHub Tickets not Showing up in App

Are you having trouble with your StubHub tickets not appearing in the app?

When you’re looking forward to using the app to access your bought tickets, it might be frustrating when you can’t locate them or they’re delayed. If you’re already pressed for time or if the time of the event you’re going to is drawing near, the problem will only worsen.

In this article, we have provided valuable insights and guidance to help you deal with the problem of missing StubHub tickets in the app. We will investigate the many potential causes of this issue and provide workable strategies to fix it.

Why are my StubHub tickets not showing up in app?

Short Answer: Your StubHub tickets might not show up in the app due to some delay in the processing of the new listings, the Better Seats filter is turned on, the cache is overflowing, poor internet connection, or if you have bought tickets from a guest account on StubHub.

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1. Newly created listings

Tickets for freshly listed events on StubHub may not immediately be available in the mobile app.

The authenticity and correctness of a listing are checked once they have been generated. In times of huge ticket demand or during busy times of the year, this processing may get delayed. Because of this, the tickets may not appear in the app at once.

For this reason, it is usually best to wait for a while so the newly generated StubHub listings can propagate before they appear in the app. If the tickets have not arrived after waiting a fair period of time, you should contact StubHub for help.

2. Better Seats filter turned on

It is possible that specific tickets may not appear on the StubHub app if the “Better Seats” filter is enabled. StubHub has developed a specialized filter called “Better Seats” to assist you in locating the most optimal tickets situated in the finest sections of the arena.

When the filter is activated, the application exclusively shows tickets for premium seats. These tickets consider your proximity to the stage, a more desirable view, or a more high-end section. Opting for the “Better Seats” option results in the display of a limited subset of tickets that align with your specific preferences.

Therefore, it is possible that upon activating the filter, no tickets will be displayed in the event that the desired event has limited availability of premium seating options. So you can simply toggle off the “Better Seats” filter based on your requirements.

3. Cache problems

The cache is a temporary storage that stores information to enhance the speed of apps. Occasionally, cached data may become obsolete or damaged, resulting in display problems or problems in loading new data.

Clearing the cache can potentially resolve issues related to StubHub tickets not displaying correctly within the application. Clearing your cache eliminates the temporary files, prompting StubHub to obtain updated data. This measure can assist in resolving any conflicts or errors that could be preventing the StubHub tickets from showing up in the app.

4. Bought tickets from a guest account

A ‘guest’ purchase on StubHub is one that is performed without the buyer creating an account with the site. This choice is convenient, but it also comes with restrictions.

Users often have issues obtaining and keeping track of tickets they’ve bought as guests. If you bought your tickets as a guest, they won’t be linked to your primary account, which is why you don’t see them on the app. To access the tickets you purchased as a guest, use the “Find your order” link located at the bottom of the sign in page.

5. Poor internet connection

In the event of a network outage, the StubHub website or app may not display tickets as intended. There are a number of potential causes for these errors, including difficulties on the server end, connection issues, or incompatibilities with your network setup.

It is essential that you have access to a reliable Wi-Fi network or mobile data connection. If you can, try using StubHub from a different computer or network to see whether the problem still occurs. You may sometimes fix connectivity problems temporarily by restarting your device and other networking hardware like your modem and router.


1. Why are my StubHub listed tickets disappearing?

If the tickets don’t show up in the results after you’ve listed them successfully, it’s because of an issue with your listing or your network connection.

Provided you have a stable internet connection and a suitable device; you can relist the ticket at a later time. If the listing is still not visible, there may be website issues that are easy to fix using standard troubleshooting methods or by simply waiting.

2. Why is StubHub not working?

It’s possible that you’re unable to use StubHub due to technical difficulties, lost network connections, incompatible browsers, out-of-date apps, problems with your account, firewall settings, or geographical restrictions. Before contacting StubHub’s support, make sure these things are taken care of.

Final Words

When StubHub tickets don’t appear in the app, it may be a huge hassle for people who are looking forward to an event. You can overcome these challenges and ensure a smooth ticketing procedure by familiarising yourself with the many aspects that contribute to this issue and implementing the remedies outlined in this article.

Keep in mind that StubHub’s support staff is ready 24/7 to provide additional assistance if the problem persists or if any other problems arise. Because of their expertise and resources, they can give you specialised advice tailored to your needs.