What does Star Mean on a Costco Price Tag

Have you ever been shopping at Costco and wondered about the little star on some price tags? It’s a bit puzzling, right?

That’s the problem many shoppers face – not knowing what this star means and whether it has any impact on their purchases.

Fortunately, this article will clear up the mystery of the star on Costco price tags. In case you’re trying to figure out the Costco price tag codes, you may learn more by reading our guide on – How to read Costco price tags

We’ll explain what it tells you and why Costco uses it. After reading this, you’ll know just what to do if you come across this star while shopping. No more confusion, just better shopping at Costco!

What does the star mean on a Costco price tag?

Short Answer: A Costco price tag’s star actually represents an asterisk, which indicates that the item may soon be out of stock.

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If you see the asterisk, it means that you shouldn’t wait too long to buy the product. This asterisk appears for two major reasons:

1. No Restocks: When an item sells out at Costco, the company doesn’t always restock it. No further supplies will be added. That product will no longer be available at Costco stores.

2. Discontinued: Sometimes a product is discontinued because the company that made it no longer sees a market for it. As a result, even if Costco were to stock up, they couldn’t since production had ceased.

Now, why does Costco not restock at times? All in an effort to help you save cash, of course! Low pricing is key to Costco’s business model. To do that, they have to be smart about what they stock.

They tend to make purchases in small quantities and sometimes for certain periods only. This allows them to reduce expenses, which translates to reduced rates for you. So, when you see that asterisk, it’s like a little heads-up. You may not have another opportunity to purchase that item at Costco, so get it while you still can.

Asterisk on Costco price tag means

When an item’s pricing at Costco is marked with an asterisk (*), it has very limited availability and will not be refilled for some time.

costco price tag with an asterisk

When supplies of a certain item are running low, Costco will give you a heads-up. They do this by putting an asterisk on the price tag, which is a star-like symbol (*). This asterisk sits in the top-right area of the tag, and it’s like a special sign. It’s letting you know that this is the final stock. There will be no more available when they are sold out.

This, however, is not a guarantee that the product will never be available again. If you find that you truly like it, though, you may want to consider purchasing a larger quantity. Here’s what you can do:

  • 1. Get the inside scoop from Costco:

To find out whether they are planning to restock that specific item, you can get in touch with Costco’s customer service. They’ll be able to fill you in on all the details. If it’s a limited-time offer, they could inform you how soon you can expect it to return.

  • 2. Stock Up or Wait:

When you have all the facts, you can come up with an approach. If the item is being discontinued permanently, don’t be hesitant about grabbing as much as you can or all that is available on the last day. If they’re only taking a break, however, you have the option of waiting for a better price or stocking up now.

Therefore, that little star is like a friendly tip from Costco. You’re being warned that this item may not be around for much longer. Just think of it as a shopping plan to help you save the most money at Costco!


1. What does “.97” mean at Costco?

Clearance prices at Costco are indicated by price tags that end in “.97,” which serves as a kind of code. This indicates the price has been reduced, but there will be no publicity by Costco. Be on the lookout for these price tags if you’re a smart buyer who loves a good deal. They’re an indication that you may be able to get a bargain.

2. What does “.69” mean at Costco?

If you see a price that ends in “.69” (or “.49” or “.59”) at Costco, you can be sure that it’s a special, low-priced offer. This pricing approach suggests that Costco has worked out a discounted price with the supplier.

In the event that you come across prices such as these, it’s your cue that you’re looking at a product offered at a particularly good value, thanks to Costco’s negotiation skills. On your next trip to Costco, be on the lookout for these numbers; they might save you a ton of money.

Final Words

You can shop with ease at Costco now that you know what the star icon on their price tags means. You won’t have to wonder or second-guess your purchases anymore.

Whether it’s a clearance deal or a product in short supply, you can make informed decisions and get the most value out of your shopping trips. Costco shopping just got a whole lot smarter, and your wallet will thank you for it. Happy shopping!