Someone sent me money on Zelle but I don’t see it; Why?

Having trouble receiving funds on Zelle?

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You may send and receive money using Zelle without having to share your financial information with the other person.

While many large banks have already incorporated Zelle as a money transfer service provider, customers of smaller banks or credit unions may still utilize the service by providing just an email id or mobile phone number.

Someone sent me money on Zelle but I don’t see it; Why?

Short Answer: Someone sent you money on Zelle but you don’t see it because you have not registered on Zelle, the sender has entered the wrong email or phone number, your Zelle account has been flagged, the Zelle app is not updated, or the internet connection is unstable.

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1. Not signed up for Zelle

Most often, this is because you haven’t set up your Zelle account. To get money, users must enrol themselves. To accept payments from others using Zelle, you must first register your phone number with the service.

2. Error with entering data

If you have not received Zelle funds, it may be because the transaction is pending or has failed owing to an incorrect email address or phone number entered by the user.

The sender may have accidentally deposited the funds into a different account linked to the wrong number provided by the user.

3. Zelle account flagged

Even though the user has started the payment process on their end, it may not always result in a successful transfer of funds to your account. It doesn’t matter whether the person is already using Zelle or not; this issue might still arise.

Zelle monitors all payment activity for signs of fraud or other unethical behaviour as part of its commitment to keeping its platform safe for its users. This is why Zelle has an automated mechanism to identify suspicious accounts and ban them.

However, the automated method may mistakenly label some honest people as fraudsters. If you believe that Zelle has banned your account by accident, you may get in touch with customer care to have the situation investigated.

4. Outdated app

There may be instances when Zelle or your device’s banking app experiences technical difficulties. These problems often arise from using an app that has not been updated.

You could be unable to see a user’s payment because of a bug in the app or because you haven’t updated to the latest version. Since updates come with bug fixes, you may be able to resolve this issue by updating the app.

5. Weak internet connection

In addition to these potential reasons, technical difficulties, such as a slow internet connection, might prevent you from receiving Zelle payments.

Even if the user has successfully sent funds to your account, the app’s data may not reflect the transaction if the user’s internet connection is slow. Always check that your home network connection is reliable.

How do I know if someone sent me money on Zelle?

There will be an email or text message alerting you that someone has transferred your money using Zelle.

The beneficiary of a Zelle payment normally receives the funds within minutes after the transfer has been initiated. Notifications may be sent to your phone through text message or email. Either Zelle or their financial institution (bank or credit union) may send the message.

However, you should sign up for Zelle if you haven’t already. Doing so will expedite the process through which you get your payment. If you haven’t signed up for Zelle and the user transfers funds to you nevertheless, you’ll get a message asking you to do so.

These are the steps you need to do to join Zelle if you haven’t already:

  • Step 1: Go to the URL given in the payment message.

To process your payment, first tap on the link included in the email or text message notice you received.

  • Step 2: Choose a banking institution.
  • Step 3: Follow the on-screen directions.

To enrol and collect your money, please follow the on-page instructions.

You must join Zelle using the email id or U.S. phone number from which you got the payment notice to guarantee the safe delivery of your funds.

Upon registering, the funds will be deposited into your account automatically. After the first payment has been processed, subsequent payments will arrive much more quickly—often within minutes.

It’s important to check your email or phone for a payment confirmation if you’re expecting money. If payment has not been received within a reasonable amount of time, you should contact the sender to be sure the right email address or U.S. phone number was provided.


1. Why is money sent through Zelle not showing up?

To begin, verify the status of your payment by reviewing the transaction history available via your bank’s website or mobile app, or through the Zelle app. It’s possible that the receiver has not yet provided a valid mobile phone number or email address to accept funds if the status of the transaction is “pending.”

2. Why is my Zelle money taking so long?

If the receiver is signed up for Zelle, the money will be accessible to them within minutes. When it’s been over three days after the transfer was made, double-check that the email address or U.S. phone number you supplied the sender is valid in your Zelle profile.

3. What happens if Zelle’s payment is not accepted?

If you send money with Zelle to an email id or cell phone number, the receiver has 14 days to confirm receipt of the funds. The transaction will be terminated and the whole amount refunded if the payment is not accepted within the specified time frame.

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