Fix: Uber Eats ‘There was a Problem Processing your Credit Card Try Again in a Moment’

Wondering why your Uber Eats credit card is not processing?

Confused by the “there was a problem processing your credit card try again in a moment” error message?

While Uber’s original focus was on providing on-demand transportation through taxis, the firm has now expanded into other areas, such as package delivery by Uber Connect and food delivery via Uber Eats.

Unfortunately, many customers who try to use credit cards face issues because sometimes the app does not process the card. But you need not worry as this article has covered everything including an explanation of why it occurs and some suggestions on how to fix it. So, stay tuned for the answers.

Why is Uber Eats saying ‘there was a problem processing your credit card try again in a moment’?

Short Answer: Uber Eats is saying ‘there was a problem processing your credit card try again in a moment’ because the card details have been entered incorrectly, your bank may have blocked the card, or there is some glitch in the Uber Eats app.

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What to do: Uber not processing credit card

Method 1: Ensure that you enter the correct card details

While placing an order online or via call, customers often provide incorrect information, including incorrect credit card numbers, expiry dates, CVV codes, and billing addresses. Each piece of data must be by the data the credit card company already has on file.

Make sure you use the right information when placing an order with Uber Eats.

Method 2: Contact your bank to see if the card has been blocked.

Financial institutions are always monitoring customer accounts for signs of fraud. The credit card company or bank may suspend or cancel your card if they suspect fraudulent or unusual behavior. If you use the same card to pay for your Uber Eats order, the service will refuse to process it.

If this happens, you’ll need to talk to your bank about why they suspended your card and what you can do about it.

Method 3: Download the latest version of the software

This, of course, is the standard method for fixing any issue. There may be a software issue causing the “there was a problem processing your credit card try again in a moment” message you’ve been seeing. If you want to prevent this problem in the first place, updating the app regularly is a good idea.

Method 4: Uninstall Uber Eats and then download it again.

If you’ve verified that your Uber Eats account settings are correct and everything is alright from your end but you’re still having trouble placing an order, the problem may lie with the data on your phone. Simply reinstalling Uber Eats will not work since it will attempt to get the same synced data from your phone, which might cause more problems.

To prevent Uber Eats from accessing the information synced on your phone, please follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Navigate to iCloud, followed by Apps using iCloud
  • Step 2: Then choose Show All Apps
  • Step 3: Look for Uber.
  • Step 4: Disable iCloud Sync
  • Step 5: Sing out from the Uber Eats app but do not delete it.
  • Step 6: Navigate to iPhone Storage and search for Uber Eats.
  • Step 7: Offload the app
  • Step 8: Install Uber Eats again
  • Step 9: Confirm that Uber Eats iCloud Sync is still switched off.
  • Step 10: Sign into Uber Eats and try placing another order.

Method 5: Try logging in from a different device

The incompatibility of the app with the user’s phone might be the source of the issue, sometimes. If you have access to another device, such as a computer or a different mobile device, you might try accessing the service there.

Many customers who have had this problem while making an order on their mobile devices have reported that they did not have this problem when using a computer. For this reason, we think it’s essential that you give this strategy a go, even just once.

Method 6: Delete your existing account and create a new one.

If you have tried all of the methods that were presented above and none of them have worked for you, then you may try erasing your account and creating a new one. It has already been proven effective for several other customers, so you may as well give it a go.

It was as easy as deleting their account, creating a new one, and re-adding their credit card details. You may try these measures yourself to see whether the problem is fixed.

What type of cards does Uber accept?

In addition to credit cards, Uber accepts various debit cards with Visa and Mastercard logos. Uber also accepts some prepaid cards.

Credit cards issued by Visa, Mastercard, and American Express, among others, are accepted at Uber. Debit cards linked to checking accounts, notably those with the Visa or Mastercard logo, are accepted on Uber; however, certain prepaid debit cards are not.

For your convenience, Uber also takes most prepaid cards as payment. It has been confirmed by Uber that Satoshi, Tango, and Xapo cards, in addition to EntroPay cards, may all be used with Uber.


1. Why is Uber Eats having a problem processing my card?

When making an order with a credit or debit card, you may get a warning stating that there was an issue processing your payment if the CVV number or billing zip code was input incorrectly. The best course of action is to delete the payment method and add it again, taking care to provide the proper information this time.

2. How do you fix Uber Eats ‘there was an error processing your request’?

Restarting the Uber Eats app is the quickest and most effective approach to fixing this problem. This eliminates the app’s temporary storage, or cache, which is the source of the majority of such problems.

Final Words

And with that, guys, we have reached the end! About the issue with Uber Eats not processing your credit card, this is all the information we could find. We hope the information in this post was useful in resolving the problem.