How to Fix: TD Interac e-transfer not working

Why is my TD Interac e-transfer not working?

How to fix TD Interac e-transfer not working issue? Read on to know all about it.

Interac e-Transfer is a funds transfer is a method of transferring funds between different accounts of different banks in Canada. So, any Canadian with a bank account will have the option of Interac e-transfer. This can be used to send or receive money domestically or internationally. A unique feature this has is that the people who send and receive the funds should answer the same security question.

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TD Canada Trust bank is another commercial bank operating from Canada. TD Interac e-transfers can  be done from the application or from the Interac website. If you are having issues with TD e-transfers, this article gives you the reasons and fixes for that issue.

Why is my TD Interac e-transfer not working?

Short Answer: The TD Interac e-transfer might not be working due to a server or an application bug at the bank’s side. Or another reason could be that you have insufficient funds in your account.

Many users have reported and took to social media to inform that TD Interface e-transfer has been having issues lately. So next time you are planning to do a transfer, check on the servers of both the companies. This will prevent your money from hanging in the air, quite literally. Your money will be sent but will not be received. This is not ideal.

The issues with servers are the reason that can cause your transfer to fail or to not work. You can check out the methods below to help your way out of this.

Fix: TD Interac e-transfer not working

To make sure that the problem is not from your side and get the e-transfer back on track, try the following methods to troubleshoot.

Method 1 – Clear cache

Cache is the data stored by an application or website to make your future requests faster. But piling up a lot of cache can slow a server down. In order to prevent that, it is recommended that you clear cache daily.

For Android,

  • Visit Settings on your device and search for the TD bank application.
  • Then select it and under storage settings select Clear cache option.

Or for an iPhone,

  • Visit Settings and search for TD Bank app and select Delete data.
  • Since iPhones do not have the option to clear cache, deleting the data is the only way.
  • Now, login to the application and set it up again.

For a website,

  • Do a hard refresh of the website to clear cached data. You can do this by holding the key combinations Ctrl+F5 or Shift+F5 or Ctrl+Shift+R for Windows. And for Mac users – Shift+Command+R.

Method 2 – Check the details

Payments are very sensitive things, you should be very careful while transferring or accepting money. A slight error and the money might be in the wrong hands. Or wrong details can cause the payment or transfer to not work.

  • Check your bank account details and the recipient details too. Including phone and email addresses.
  • Enter your PIN correctly.
  • Assign a security question and password. And do not forget to share it with the recipient.

Method 3 – Add funds to account

Insufficient funds in the account you are trying to transfer money from can also cause the transfer to not work.

  • Check your account balance and add some money if the amount is less than what you intend to transfer.
  • After adding the money, try the transfer again. The problem should be non-existent.

Method 4 – Update or rollback application

An update contains new features that improve upon the old application in unique ways. So, you need to check and keep your bank application updated.

  • Open the respective application store on your device, check and install any new updates. Also, do not forget to turn ON automatic updates.

Some Interac e-transfer users have reported that the issue is due to a newer version of the application. So if you have not installed the newer version yet, do not do it until a stable version is released. If you have already done it, you can find APK (Android Package) files for android across the internet.

Method 5 – Allow permissions and cookies

Applications need permissions to run smoothly. And for banking applications these are absolutely essential. So if you have not accepted some of the permissions yet, do them now.

  • Visit Settings on your phone and select the bank’s application.
  • Under that in permissions, allow all the required ones.

For websites, cookies act as pieces of data that contain important information for the working of the website.

  • Once you type in the website address and the page is loaded, you will be asked to Allow cookies.
  • Click on Allow and try transferring the money now.

Method 6 – Check server status

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The server of the bank could be the reason you are unable to make any e-transfers. Check the server status before your payment to ensure that the problem is not at your side. But now, at the moment I am writing this article – there is no issue with server. If there is no issue with the server, you should try the other methods mentioned in the article.

Method 7 – Check your network speed

Network speed from 5-7 is the permissible range in which you can access almost any service of the internet. Just make sure that your Wi-Fi or cellular data is turned on take this little speed check.


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Method 8 – Contact Interac Customer Support

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When nothing else seems to work, you need to contact your Interac customer support. They will give you a personalized support in regards to your problem. Or you can directly contact your local bank to ask them what is the issue with online transfers.


Q1. How much is the maximum amount that I can send through Interac e-transfer?

The maximum amount that you can send through an e-transfer is set by your bank not Interac.

For TD Bank the limit is set to $3000. If you are doing an e-transfer with your linked to any other bank, you need to check out their rules, regulations and limits for transfers online.

Final Words

This article has given you ways to fix your Interac e-transfer not working. I hope this article has helped you solve that problem.

That is all folks!

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