Fix: McDonald’s App not Letting me Order

Having trouble using the McDonald’s app to make an order?

It’s annoying when the McDonald’s app won’t allow you to place an order. It might be frustrating to be unable to complete your order, especially if you’re famished.

However, you’re not alone in this. Many users have reported facing this problem while trying to order food from McDonald’s. To assist you with this problem, we have put together this guide where we explain the causes of the problem and how to solve it. Let’s get right down to business then, shall we?

Why is McDonald’s app not letting me order

Short Answer: McDonald’s app is not letting me order because of issues with the internet connection, issues with the server, an outdated app, an uncleared cache, or a technical glitch.

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1. Issue with the internet connection

The McDonald’s app requires constant network connectivity to submit orders to the restaurant’s kitchen. The app may not work as intended if your internet connection is slow, shaky, or constantly disrupted. To avoid possible problems during the transaction, the app might prevent you from making an order when it detects a bad connection.

2. Issue with the server

By establishing a connection to a server, the McDonald’s app may do tasks such as processing orders and updating menus. The app can stop working as expected if the server is offline for maintenance or other technical reasons. If this happens, the app may temporarily disable the ability to place orders until the server is back up.

3. Outdated app

The McDonald’s app, like other software, undergoes regular upgrades to provide new features, fix problems, and improve security. An incompatible server or known problems might prevent you from placing orders in the app if you’re using an older version. Maintaining an up-to-date version of the McDonald’s app is crucial for its proper functioning.

4. Uncleared cache

The McDonald’s app uses a cache to save frequently used information and files as you use it. Cache buildup over time may lead to incompatibilities and malfunctions.

The ability to place orders is only one of many features that might be impacted by faulty or outdated cache data in the app. These problems may be fixed by clearing the cache and giving the program a fresh start with its temporary data.

5. Technical glitch

The application might still have technical issues despite being updated or the cache is cleared. There might be a bug in the app that could be causing the issue in the first place. There is a chance that the app won’t let you place an order due to a technical issue.

Fix: McDonald’s app not letting me order

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Method 1: Verify that the internet connection is stable

The McDonald’s app cannot place orders with the restaurant without access to the internet.

Verify your internet connection is secure and operational by checking your Wi-Fi or mobile data settings. If you experience dropped connections or slow speeds, try reestablishing the connection or moving to a different network.

Method 2: Clear the app’s cache

Problems caused by the app’s accumulation of temporary data are sometimes fixed by clearing the cache.

You may delete old data from the McDonald’s app by accessing the Apps section of your device’s settings, then locating the app, and clearing its cache. By doing this, any temporary files that are too old or corrupt to use will be deleted.

Method 3: Get the latest version of the app

You should always use the most current version of the McDonald’s app since it has the most recent features and fixes.

Look for the McDonald’s app in your device’s app store (like Google Play or the App Store on an iPhone or iPad) to see if there are any updates available. It is recommended to always use the most recent version of software, therefore if an update is available, you should get it and run it.

Method 4: Check if the server is online

The problem may be the McDonald’s server itself. If the server is down, check McDonald’s website or social media for information on when it will be back up. You may have to wait until the server is back up and running before submitting your order via the app.

Method 5: Restart the phone

It’s possible that the app’s performance is being negatively impacted by temporary software difficulties, in which case restarting your phone may assist. Just power off your gadget, clear any background processes that might be interfering with the app’s functionality, wait a few seconds, and then restart it.

To see whether the problem still exists, try launching the McDonald’s app once again. Restarting the phone’s operating system in this way may sometimes fix app issues.

Method 6: Sign out and sign back in

If you’re having trouble while placing orders with the McDonald’s app, try logging out and back in. Launch the app and go to the account or profile settings where you should see a sign-out button.

To sign back in after signing out, you’ll need to quit the app entirely, then launch it again. This should refresh the session and fix any temporary issues with the app.

Method 7: Reinstall the app

If you’ve already tried troubleshooting in other ways without success, removing and reinstalling the McDonald’s app may fix the issue at hand. Simply uninstall McDonald’s from your smartphone, then go to your device’s app store, look for the app, and reinstall it. After reinstalling the app, try placing an order again.

Method 8: Try ordering from the website

If you’re still having trouble with the app, you can always try ordering from McDonald’s online. Launch the web browser on your device, go to the official McDonald’s website, and order online to fix the issue. In this way, you may avoid any app-specific difficulties that could be contributing to the problem.

Method 9: Contact Support

However, if you face the same issue even after trying to order from the website then there could be something wrong with your account or other issues that you may not know of. In such a case, it’s best to get in touch with McDonald’s customer support.

They may provide you with better help and aid in further troubleshooting. If you need to get in touch with McDonald’s, you may do so by visiting their website and searching for their customer service contact information.


1. Why is my McDonald’s account not working?

If you’re having trouble login into the McDonald’s app using your Google or Facebook account, try resetting your password. Make sure to fill out the Mobile App Feedback form to get in touch with customer service in case you continue to have trouble logging in.

2, Why is McDonald’s app not working?

Problems with the McDonald’s app may occur for several reasons, including but not limited to server maintenance, using an out-of-date software version, connection or network problems, or regional limitations. There are several potential solutions to this problem, including updating or reinstalling the software, checking your internet connection, waiting for the server to come back up, etc.

3. Why is McDonald’s app not letting me pay?

McDonald’s suggests logging out of your “My McD’s” account, clearing the app cache, uninstalling and reinstalling the app, and then logging back in to attempt adding your payment method again if you’re having trouble doing so. If you still need assistance, McDonald’s has a customer service department you may contact.

Final Words

It might be frustrating when you run into difficulties while trying to place an order using the McDonald’s app, but with the help of the solutions provided in this article, you’ll be able to get beyond these obstacles and place orders once again.

The most frequent reasons why you can’t place an order using the McDonald’s app are addressed by the solutions described in this article which will help you may minimize issues, save time, and take advantage of the convenience of ordering your favorite McDonald’s meals with simplicity.