Fix: Klarna charged me but ‘no order’ issue

As you know, Buy Now Pay Later services are similar to mediators. BNPL services help you buy what you want from a company. And the payment goes through the service itself. You just have to attach your payment method to the BNPL service. So, sometimes you might have trouble with the mediator which will cause problems with your payments.

So if Klarna has charged you but the order has not gone through, this article will tell you what to do. Scroll down.

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Why did your order get canceled but your payment taken on Klarna?

Short Answer: If your order got canceled but your payment was taken on Klarna, the money is probably on authorization hold – not taken. The bank has control of the authorization hold. And it may take one week or longer for the hold to be removed. Or it could plainly be an error. 

Authorization holds are done by the bank when they do not know the final amount of the product you are buying. Once the company has finalized the amount, that part will be deducted and the hold will be removed.

But if you have canceled the order, then the authorization hold will stay that way for a while. Give it a week or two and then you can contact your bank. You can ask them to remove the hold because there is no need to pay Klarna now.

If it is not an authorization hold but a payment that was a mistake, then, you need to get on the phone right away and call Klarna’s customer service.

Klarna charged you but no order: What to do now?

Here are some methods that might get you out of this issue.

Method 1: Check your internet connectivity

Check your network speed, to make sure that this is not a glitch. A minimum speed of 5-7 Mbps is necessary. Also, make sure that your Wi-Fi or cellular data is connected to the internet. If you are not, you will get a notification saying, “You are not connected to the internet”.

If network error is the case, connecting to a proper network will show the order from Klarna.

Method 2: Fix bugs on your side

If Klarna charged you and the order is not being shown in your account. Time to do some basic troubleshooting.

  • Clean install (uninstall and reinstall) the Klarna application.
  • Or update the application if you are not running the latest version of the app.
  • Clear the cache for your application and cookies for your browser.

Method 3: Contact your bank

If this is due to a pre-authorization hold then you need to contact your bank. And ask them to remove the hold because there is nothing to pay for now.

Method 4: Contact Klarna Customer Support

Since you have made the order with Klarna, it is wise to contact them about this issue. If the payment has truly gone through from your account, they will help you show the order in your account.

Final Words

This article tells you what to do in case of problems with canceled orders when payment has gone through. I hope it helps!

That is all folks!

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