Does Smyths accept Clearpay in 2023

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Almost 200 Smyths Toys Superstores can be found in Ireland, the United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland, and Austria. Smyths Toys Superstores is an Irish international corporation that is the largest chain supplier of children’s toys and entertainment items.

The firm’s catalog includes vehicles, mobility aids, monitors, bicycles, books, DVDs, video games, and e-learning packages.

That being said, it’s time to check out whether Clearpay and other BNPL applications are accepted as payment methods at Smyths.

Does Smyths accept Clearpay?

Short Anser: No, Clearpay is not one of the payment methods that are accepted at Smyths.


Clearpay is a business that gives its customers instant access to credit for making purchases, with the option of paying off the loan in four equal payments, one of which is automatically withdrawn from the customer’s account every two weeks, and incurring no interest charges in the meanwhile.

It is a widely recognized BNPL service app that may be used as a form of payment at the vast majority of retail establishments.

Although Clearpay offers a buy now, pay later option, Smyths does not currently support this payment method.

Does Smyths accept buy now pay later?

There is no other buy now pay later applications accepted at Smyths but Humm, and even then, only for the purchase of appliances and not toys. Unfortunately, Smyths does not provide any kind of compatibility with Klarna or any other BNPL applications like it.

When referring to a method of purchase, the phrase “buy now, pay later” refers to the option of spreading out your payments over a period of time instead of making one large payment for the whole purchase all at once.

Using a service that allows you to “buy now, pay later,” you may get what you want right now while spreading out the cost. The vast majority of purchases are made gradually over time. A greater waiting period may be required for purchases that are more substantial.

The purpose of the marketing strategy known as “buy now, pay later” is to provide consumers the opportunity to get the products they want without forcing the consumers to make full payment for those products until a later date. Buy now, pay later financing might be helpful if you don’t have the cash at hand to pay for anything immediately.

The majority of such buy now, pay later applications are not supported by Smyths, apart from Humm. However, Humm can only be utilized to pay for home appliances from Smyths, and not toys. Customers can use their Humm Little things or Big things wallet nowadays to make interest-free monthly payments toward a purchase from Smyths Appliances.

What forms of payment does Smyths accept?

Gift cards, cash, and credit cards from Visa and Mastercard, as well as Visa Debit cards, are all acceptable payment methods at Smyths. Smyths also accepts payments made through Humm, although this method of payment can only be used for the purchase of Smyths-branded home appliances.

Does Smyths accept Clearpay?
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Online purchasing:

When you make an online purchase from Smyths, you may use any major credit or debit card issued by Visa or Mastercard. The payment gateway has been encrypted to give an extra layer of safety.


At the store, they accept payments made with cash, debit cards issued by Visa or Mastercard, and Visa credit cards. Furthermore, gift cards can be used as a form of payment at a wide variety of retailers.

However, you cannot use a gift card as payment for an item that you have purchased online and paid for using a credit card.

Smyths does not take money orders, checks, purchase orders, or debit cards issued outside the United States.


Customers of Smyths now have another payment option available to them in the form of Humm, which just started being supported by Smyths very recently.

If you have a Humm account and a Little things or Big things wallet, you may use them to buy items at Smyths Appliances and make interest-free monthly payments over time. While checking out on their site, select Humm as the payment option. After that, you’ll be directed to Humm to finalize your payment.

When doing your in-store shopping, you can create a bar code utilizing the Humm app. If you take the barcode with you to the register, the cashier will either scan it for you or manually input the code for you.

Using the on-screen prompts, first-time Humm users can apply for financing when purchasing an appliance from Smyths. Due to the prompt processing of authorizations, you are free to start shopping as soon as possible (provided that you meet the requirements).

You also have the option of enrolling for the service online, in addition to installing the app.


1. Does Smyths accept Klarna?

No, Klarna financing is not a payment option that is accepted at Smyths. Humm is the only buy now, pay later app accepted by Smyths, and it can solely be used to purchase household appliances, not toys.

Final Words

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As was already established, Smyths categorically does not accept Clearpay or any other BNPL application besides Humm. Smyths does not accept cash or checks, although they do take debit cards from Visa and Mastercard as well as Humm.