(10 Reasons) Venmo Card Not Working at ATM [Fixed]

So you went to an ATM and tried to take out some cash using your Venmo card, but it doesn’t work.

If that’s the case, you are at the right place. In this post, we have provided several reasons why your Venmo card is not working at ATM.

The most common reasons why your Venmo card is not working at ATM are that you are entering the wrong pin, you do not have sufficient funds in your Venmo account, your withdrawing limit has reached, your card is blocked or damaged, there are server issues, etc.

Let’s have a detailed look at all the possible reasons why Venmo may not work at an ATM and what you can do if it is not working.

So, let’s get started.

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Why is Venmo Card Not Working at ATM

  • #1 Wrong Pin

The most common reason your card is not working, whether it is a Venmo card or any other debit card, is that you are entering the wrong pin.

People often forget or use the pin of any other card they own. So, make sure you are using the right pin for the right card.

  • #2 Insufficient Funds

Another most common reason your Venmo card is not working at ATM is that your Venmo account does not have a sufficient amount to cover up the transaction you are doing. It might be that you can have moved the balance from your Venmo account to your bank account.

So, before using the Venmo card at ATM, make sure that you have a sufficient balance in your account.

  • #3 Withdrawal limit exhausted

Yes, Venmo has a daily withdrawal limit. You can only withdraw $400 daily.

So, if you have already used your Venmo card at other places, your Venmo card’s daily limit might have been exhausted, and it will not work anymore on that day.

These withdrawals and transaction limits are usually set for security reasons. Suppose, if someone got access to your card, then he/she can spend all your money.

Also, there is a weekly spending limit on Venmo.

If you have not yet completed identity verification, you will have a lower weekly spending limit of $299.99.

If you have completed identity verification, your combined weekly spending limit is $6,999.99.

  • #4 Card is locked

If you have entered the wrong pin of your card multiple times, then it can be locked temporarily, or it might get freeze due to several other reasons, as explained in the 10th point below.

It might also be the case that you have accidentally locked or blocked your Venmo card in the settings of your Venmo account.

If that’s the case, you can disable your card in the Venmo app by navigating to Settings → Venmo Debit Card.


  • #5 Your Card is Expired

Another reason Why your Venmo card is not working is that it may have got expired. Yes, a Venmo card is like any other debit card that has an expiry date.

The expiration date can be found on the card, written as XX/XX (month and year). Generally, a card can be used through the last day of the month in which it expires. For example, a card with an expiration date of 12/21 should work till December 31, 2021.

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  • #6 Card is damaged

Another reason why your Venmo card is not working can be that your card is damaged.

Sometimes this is obvious; if you see any damage to the magnetic chip or the card is bent more than, it should be.

Sometimes, the damage may not be visible, as extreme temperature and other factors can also damage the card.

So, in this case, if you feel your card might have been damaged, you can order a new Venmo card for yourself.

  • #7 You haven’t activated your Card yet

If you ordered a new Venmo card, you have to activate it before you can use it.

So, if you are directly trying to use a Venmo card without activating it, it will not work.

To activate your Venmo Credit Card, scan the QR code on the front of the card using your phone’s camera. You can also use the QR code scanner in the Venmo app. If you would rather activate by phone, call Synchrony Bank at 855-890-6779.

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  • #8 Network issues

Another potential reason why your Venmo Card is not working at ATM is the network issues.

Either the servers of the ATM you are using or the servers of Venmo itself are down.

So, you can try moving to another ATM and check if your card is working there or not.

If you have tried your card on multiple ATMs, and it is still not working, then the chances are that the servers of Venmo are down.

You can check the server status of Venmo on the down detector page here.

Venmo server status

  • #9 Venmo/Bank has flagged transaction for being suspicious

Another reason your card not working is Venmo may have been blocked you card temporarily as it might have suspected you as potential fraudster.

In this case, the card should automatically get unblocked within a few hours or on the next day. If not, you can call Venmo support and ask them to unblock the card.

  • #10 Your Venmo account is blocked/freezed

Sometimes Venmo may freeze your account due to certain security reasons.

As per Venmo: In an effort to provide the highest level of security, we may freeze a user’s account, reverse certain payments and/or request certain documentation if flags are raised due to account activity that seems to be against our User Agreement or widely accepted credit card policies.

At this time it is not possible for you to unfreeze your account on your own, and we can only assist via email. Please reply to the email that you received when your account was frozen, or contact us at[email protected] for more information.

So, if your Venmo account has been frozen, than your Venmo card will not work.

Final words

Venmo is a simple and easy-to-use P2P money transferring app. It also provides its users a debit card called Venmo card, which is like a normal debit card that can be used to take out cash from ATMs or used to buy stuff online or offline.

Well, sometimes, you might not be able to use your Venmo card at ATM due to several reasons explained above in the post.

So, we hope you were able to know why your Venmo card is not working at ATM.

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