(2021) How to watch Pluto TV on Xbox Series S/ X (& outside USA)

Modern OTT platforms let you stream content that is exclusive to a specific platform. You just need to buy a subscription to watch any type of content. But, unlike the old days on your TV, you can’t enjoy every content on a single platform. And the users end up buying subscriptions to many platforms like these.

Well, a majority of users may like doing this stuff, but still, there are netizens, who miss watching live TV like they used to do years ago, before the age of fast internet. Netflix, Hulu, Prime Video, or any OTT platforms lets you stream live TV or sports channel.

It is also true that with everything coming online, users look for an alternative to paying for live channels. Whereas, some look for free alternatives. And if you are of the latter category, you will definitely love Pluto TV.

Pluto TV lets you stream online TV for free of cost on any platform. It is best as well as a free alternative to cable and satellite TV.

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You can watch Pluto TV on multiple platforms. And here you will learn the procedure to watch Pluto TV on Xbox Series S as well as Series X. And not only this, for those looking for how to watch Pluto TV outside USA, we will mention a separate guide. So, if you are living outside USA, you can find the guide to watch Pluto TV in the second part of the article.

How to cast Pluto TV to Smart TV

What is Pluto TV –

If you are bored of watching TV series on platforms like Netflix, Hulu, Prime video and want some change in life, Pluto TV is for you. If you are tired of paying bills for various streaming services again and again and looking for an alternative, Pluto TV is definitely for you.

Pluto TV is one of the popular official services which lets you stream content for free on any platform. The service is provided by ViacomCBS Streaming, which lets you watch content like TV shows, sitcoms, movies, for free of cost. It performs similar to that to your TV, you will have to bear the ads in between the breaks.

In return you get, you can stream 250+ channels for free. And the best part is, all these 250+ channels cover a large variety of categories like news, sports, comedy, gaming, entertainment, lifestyle, science, and a lot. On top of video content, you can also stream music and radio channels on Pluto TV for free.

Pluto Tv clearly won’t let you down. But, in case you get bored of all 250+ live channels of different genres, you can also demand specific movies that you want to watch. Simply, register yourself and demand any movie. Let’s setup your perfect Netflix & Chill  Pluto & Chill!? XD

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Why should you watch Pluto TV on Xbox Series S/ X –

As we just mentioned above, Pluto TV can be watched on almost every platform. You can watch it even on your Xbox Series S/ X and PlayStation 5. Streaming content like music seems convenient and makes more sense for a majority of users. You can play games and listen to your favorite track as well.

But, in some cases watching content on platforms like Netflix, Youtube, Prime Video, using mediums like Xbox Series S/ X console, makes sense too.

Think it in a way that you have done a great job in setting up your Xbox with your TV. It will be really inconvenient to remove cables unplug modems, again and again, just to watch movies. And why one should bother when streaming apps are supported by Xbox. You can simply download the app and start watching content on it.

Well, sometimes, people use non-Android TVs, which do not support all streaming apps out-of-the-box. And if you want to use Pluto TV on your TV, you will have to use either your Xbox console or you can follow the guide – ‘How to cast Pluto TV on Smart TV (non-Android).’

And if you want to watch Pluto TV using your Xbox Series S/ X. You can simply follow the guide mentioned by us below. Using Pluto TV on Xbox Series S or X is very easy. And the best part is, you navigate the Pluto TV app using your Xbox controller.

How to cast Pluto TV to Smart TV

How to watch Pluto TV on Xbox Series S/ X

Well, to watch Pluto TV on Xbox Series S/ X, you will first have to follow a simple step-by-step guide. We have mentioned the steps below, follow them to start watching Pluto TV on your console.

  • STEP 0 – First things first, turn on your Xbox Series S console and connect it to an active internet connection. When done, proceed with the next step mentioned below.

  • STEP 1 – After the booting procedure is done and you are on the Xbox dashboard. You need to press the middle button on the controller of your console.

  • STEP 2 – Then, simply scroll down to Store and press A on your console’s controller.

  • STEP 3 – Doing this, you will see Store highlighted on your Xbox Series X. Simply scroll to the left of the store to proceed.

  • STEP 4 – In the Store, scroll down to the Apps section and there you can scroll right. This will pick up any app category.

  • STEP 5 – Now, you can easily select the Pluto TV app to start downloading it.

  • STEP 6 – If you do not see the Pluto TV in the store. You will have to search for the Pluto TV app in the search bar at the very top.

  • STEP 7 – Go to the Pluto TV app. This will highlight the app icon. Simply select the app and click on the Download or Get option to start the installation procedure.

  • STEP 8 – Wait for the installation procedure to conclude. You will be able to access the app through the Xbox dashboard once app installation is over.

And we are already done here. You are done with installing the Pluto TV on your Xbox Series S. The procedure to download the app is the same for Xbox Series X, repeat the same steps and you will be done.

We would like to mention that to watch content on Pluto TV, you don’t need any kind of login or sign-up. You can start using Pluto TV right away.

But, registration is needed if you are looking to demand movies using the special Pluto TV services.

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How to watch Pluto TV on Xbox Series S outside USA

We just discussed how you can watch Pluto TV on Xbox Series S/ X. But, what if you are living outside the USA and still want to stream content using Pluto TV. Well, to do this, you will have to follow a different approach.

There are reasons why a different approach is needed. The Pluto TV services are only available in the USA. And the services are geo-locked, which simply means, you cannot use Pluto TV outside the USA. But, you can still use PlutoTv, if you somehow spoof your location.

Below, we will be dropping an entire guide on how to watch Pluto TV on Xbox Series S outside USA. Make sure to follow each step very carefully. And it should be noted that the steps for Xbox Series X are the same.

  • STEP 1 – First of all, you will have to disconnect your Xbox Series S with any internet connection. Unplug the ethernet cable and disable your wifi. When done, proceed with the next step

  • STEP 2 – Next step is to turn off your console and unplug it from the mains. Before you restart it, make sure it remained unplugged from the mains for at least 5 minutes.

  • STEP 3 – Right after this, you will have to connect your Xbox Series X with a VPN. This procedure is a little bit tricky. The reason is simple, you cannot simply download and use any VPN app on your PS5.

But, you need not worry, as here we will be mentioning another step-by-step guide to use VPN on your console.

Follow our dedicated article on ‘How to setup VPN on Xbox Series S/ X‘ for more details and a proper guide.

Proceed with the next step after setting up the VPN.

  • STEP 4 – Next step is to start your Xbox Series S and connect with a working internet connection. We always suggest our users use a wired connection. But, do as per your own convenience.

  • STEP 5 – Login with your account details and go to the Xbox dashboard.

  • STEP 6 – After this, you need to follow the steps mentioned above. Start by pressing the middle glowing button on the controller of your console.

  • STEP 7 –  Scroll down to the Xbox Store and press A on your controller to continue.

  • STEP 8 – You will be redirected to the Store. Scroll left of the Store to continue.

  • STEP 9 – In the Store, go to the Apps section and search for Pluto TV app. If you can’t find the app icon. Try searching for the name in the search bar.

  • STEP 10 – Simple select the Pluto TV icon and select the Download or Get option to download the app right away.

  • STEP 11 – Wait for the installation procedure to get done. You can access the Pluto Tv app from the Xbox dashboard.

  • STEP 12 – Open the app using the icon. And there you go, you can start watching the content right away.

The best thing about Pluto Tv is that you do not have to enter any kind of details of your Credit/ Debit card. And registration for the app is not needed as well. You can stream content as long as you want, without doing any sign-ups or anything.

But, make sure that you will have to connect your device to a VPN every time you want to stream content from anywhere outside the US.

We have done our best to keep this guide simple and easy to understand. But, if you need any kind of assistance or you have any queries, you may contact us anytime. We would be very happy to help you out.

Conclusion –

Watching your favorite TV shows on Pluto TV using Xbox Series S or X is very easy. You just need to follow a simple set of steps to download the app. But, if you are living outside the US and still want to stream content on Pluto TV. You will have to follow another guide to set up VPN on your device before streaming content on Pluto TV.